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In July of 2007, I was a single woman living in a small semi-rural town near Nashville with three backyard goats, two dogs, a cat, and half a dozen chickens.  I worked as a bookkeeper at a construction company and had no social life.  After joining an online dating site, I quickly found that the "city men" I dated turned tail and ran at the first sign of critter poop or finding a sick goat in the dining room.

Then came Bob.  He was a finance director by day, but at night he went home to his farm in Lynchburg and his herd of 60 goats!  Critter poop was a daily part of his life.  It was a match made in heaven.

Driving to work in Nashville every day meant that by the time we arrived home in Lynchburg, many of our chores were done by flashlight.  We were bona fide Flashlight Farmers.

We now share our farm with 29 goats, 14 dogs, 7 cats, a large flock of chickens, 4 turkeys, 2 horses, 8 cows and an ever changing group of puppies, kittens, chicks and calves.

Life is good.
Bob and I kneeling with Fred the black and white calf between us.  Fred is wearing an easter bonnet with giant yellow bunny ears I made to cover the bald spot on top of his head where his hair fell out when he was sick with a fever.
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SallyDog posing for the camera.  She's a terrier mutt, mediium sized and short haired.  Face is brown with a white streak down her forehead and around her nose.  Chest, belly and lower half of her legs are white and the rest is brown.
White mama dog standing in front of stall with big puppy nursing.  Neither one of them are paying attention to the baby goat lying underneath her.
Pink piglet standing with his feet on top of mama pig, looking at the camera.  He looks like a real ham for attention.
Three white puppies, old enough to be playful.  Close up of their faces huddled together, two of them with their tongues out and all wearing red kerchief collars.  They look like they're resting after a romp.
Three fluffy baby ducks swimming in a big metal pot of water.  Two are bright yellow, one is black and yellow.